Hospital Management System

Hospital management software (HMS) is a type of software that is designed to manage various aspects of hospital operations, including patient records, appointments, staff scheduling, inventory, and billing. The main goal of hospital management software is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hospital operations, reduce errors, and improve patient care.

Hospital management software is a type of computer software that is designed to help healthcare providers manage various aspects of their hospital or healthcare facility. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including patient management, staff management, financial management, and administrative management.

Appointment Automation
patient administration
MIS Report
BAD Management
Operation Theatre (OT)
Emergency Module
Room Management
Ambulance & Transportation
Health Card & Corporate Client
HR & Employee Portal
Dynamic Website
Account Management
Blood Bank Management
LIS (Lab/Machine Integration)
Certificate & Vaccination
Online Services & Payment

Hospital Management Software Features in Details

Patient Registration:

  • Detailed information of patients
  • Register patients and view their reports and history
  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information
  • Detail information of patient’s health condition.
  • Alerts in place to error free data entry
  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients

Out-Door Management:

  • Patient’s activity Dashboards
  • Dashboards for user activity
  • Dashboard for advances/payments/refunds etc
  • Schedules for doctors
  • Patient evaluation
  • Diagnosis, Lab orders
  • Medication orders, Procedure orders
  • Data reports on user activity/patient activity/doctor activity

Indoor Management :

  • Patient Admission and Bed allocation
  • Admission Cancel of patient
  • Record of Patient's Bed Change
  • Patient Service and clinical test
  • Doctor Consultation for Indoor
  • Wards, rooms and beds configuration
  • Medical observation and nursing notes
  • Indoor Invoicing & Patient Bill
  • Indoor patient Settlement
  • Summary of Bill & Note for patients

Out-Patient Management:

  • Distribution duty for On-Duty Consultant
  • Patients’ History and Diagnosis Details
  • Schedule Summary for daily, weekly and monthly
  • Summary generation for Investigation & Treatment
  • Details information of Clinical Service
  • Nurse Progress Notes
  • Scheduling patient’s Surgery
  • OP Medical Observation
  • Discharge Notification
  • Discharge Summary

Billing Management:

  • Quick Billing and Payment Option
  • Printable Invoice and Receipts
  • Insurance and Sponsor Bills

Pharmacy Management:

  • Central Current inventory report
  • Generate detail and all issue report
  • Date and duration wise Inventory product listing
  • Bill Generation

Inventory management :

  • Facility of Purchase Procurement Order
  • Listing of Product receive
  • Emergency Product order
  • Receive Notification for Product department
  • Product recycles information
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock availability report
  • Fixed Asset note & Scheduling report
  • Module wise report generation

Bed & Wards Management :

  • Categorize ward rooms
  • Assign patient to ward room / beds
  • Check beds availability
  • Maintain patient discharge information
  • Track patient’s information when shifted from one ward to another ward
  • Maintain wards rooms information and status

Doctor Service Management:

  • Create Schedule for daily appointment list of patients
  • Notification alert SMS to patients
  • Details information of patients
  • Create time slot for each doctor
  • View Track and schedule individual doctor’s appointments
  • Check Doctors availability for patient’s appointment
  • Maintain patient’s appointments information

Patient Relations :

  • Collect patient data from different information systems
  • Create Patient portals
  • Capture patient feedback
  • Keep patients health records, data
  • Patient-provider communication and secure messaging

Employee Management :

  • Traceable daily work time of each employee
  • Employ’s Total working hour’s calculations
  • Easy Leaves management
  • Editable time-sheet record
  • Employee, Approver and Administrator modules
  • Monitors employees attendance and login time

Hospital Payroll Management:

  • Hospital employee pay scale wise salary distribution
  • Employee increment information
  • Updated Employee salary calculation and tax deductions
  • Maintain employee leaves information & salary deductions
  • Printable pay slips

Patient Admission:

  • Create entry of Patient information
  • Generate unique id for patient
  • Collect Medical Record and medical history patient
  • Patient category is divided on type of patients visit
  • Consultant doctor, Referral doctor information is entered here
  • Time scheduling for patient

Account & Financial Management:

  • Keeping record of Daily Payment and receive
  • Report generation of Daily Accounts
  • Generate Monthly Balance sheet
  • Yearly Balance sheet Report generation